Tesco Clubcard Credit Card Login

Managed correctly and sensibly, a credit card is a flexible financial tool that could give you financial freedom, help to better manage your money as well as protect the things you buy. Contrary to popular belief, using a credit card is not a bad thing. If you use it frequently and pay the balance in full every month, your credit rating builds for any future mortgage lending or loans you intend to seek.

There is also the obvious convenience and flexibility for when you don’t have spare cash on you or cannot find an ATM machine close by. Credit cards are accepted worldwide, so every currency is available at your fingertips instead of having to carry wads of cash in various currencies.

Shopping online is made simpler with and safer with credit card protection and security measures. You can be sure that anything you purchase online using a credit card is monitored for fraud by your credit card provider, so you are kept safe from potential threat.

Launched as a credit card provider in 1997, Tesco Bank has been offering millions of customers value, simplicity, transparency with its products, and rewarding their loyalty. Having listened to their customers’ feedback, Tesco aims to make life easier, with the products and services they offer being available online and over the phone. It’s no secret that technology has enabled online banking and shopping to be so much easier. Tesco Bank understands the convenience of being able to service your bank accounts online, while call centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle are open 7 days a week to service any enquiries.

Tesco Bank offers a range of credit cards, called the Clubcard Credit Card with four easy-to-understand options that focus on customer’s particular needs. If you’re looking to get a credit card for specifically for purchases, the Tesco Credit Card Purchase option gives you 16 months of 0% interest in addition to 0% balance transfer interest. Alternatively, there is also a Low APR option on purchases that is a low yearly rate of 7.8% (variable).

For those who’ve made a resolution to decrease their credit card debt this year or looking to consolidate their credit cards, the Balance Transfer option from Tesco Bank will give you 0% on balance transfer interest for 29 months and a low transfer fee of 2.9%. Another option for those wanting to consolidate their credit cards is the Low Balance Transfer Fee option that offers a very low rate of 0.85%.

The Tesco Clubcard credit card login lets you manage your credit card online, with functions such as viewing your balance, checking your transactions and of course, paying your credit card bill. You can also set up alerts and make balance transfers through your online account. Tesco also offers a very handy free text alert to let you know when you’re approaching the credit limit on your credit card, in addition to security alerts if they suspect any suspicious transactions or fraud.

All the credit card options come with the standard Tesco extras such as the ability to collect Clubcard points on almost everything you purchase on the Clubcard Credit Card, wherever the Mastercard is accepted. You will be able to check your points and balances using the Tesco Clubcard credit card login. At Tesco stores, you will collect 5 Clubcard points for every £4 you spend, while shopping everywhere else collects 1 point for every £4 you spend. Clubcard points can be redeemed as vouchers at Tesco stores and many other retailers.

All you have to do to access the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card login is to register your details; you’ll then be sent a secure and unique password to login.